wa_logo_1Wheeler & Associates takes a unique approach to our relationship with our clients. After years of training and consulting with hundreds of clients we have a simple and straight-forward approach to our our work.

First, we provide a free analysis of the non-profit’s fundraising needs. We don’t believe our client’s should have to write a check just to learn what we can do for them. Our initial overview is free to any prospective client. After reviewing our analysis, the charity can choose to implement their own programs or contract with us for individual or multiple services.

Our initial assessment typically looks at the mission, vision and values of the organization along with the avenues they are pursuing to generate income. In today’s market economy it is important to take an integrated approach to fundraising. This requires that a successful non-profit pursue all six primary avenues of fundraising and that their marketing, social media, and data-communications networks are all incorporated to that end.

coinsSecond, we take a tiered approach to fundraising. We realize that the prospects of branding, social media and a full-blown development program can be cost prohibitive to many small and mid-size charities. After our review, we prioritize the work that needs to be done and then help our client’s develop a systematic approach to creating revenue that will fund a growing organization.

Finally, most of our pricing structure is performance based. While we have different entry level fees for our work, most of our pricing structure is built on the success of your fundraising. If you aren’t raising more money – we aren’t getting paid. ┬áThat is why we advertise “Raise More Money, While Spending Less.

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