“Building a Storybrand” Reviewed #1

You can’t help but get out of your seat and dance to the smoking sounds of  Thistle and Lace. Jon, Ashley, and Bradley bring you the perfect blend of rock, rhythm, and soulful sounds when three diverse talents come together in perfect harmony. Jon (founder of Street Corner Symphony’s) rockin acapella, Ashley’s powerful musical theater, and Bradley’s smoky baritone create haunting harmonies and unique arrangements of original compositions and classic hits. Currently touring across the country Thistle and Lace bring you a sound and experience you won’t soon forget.

Wheeler & Associates latest work reflects our philosophy of marketing and public relation work. Today’s audiences have a Twitter mentality when it comes to consuming information. You need to communicate your message clearly, effectively, and succinctly if you want to win the advertising wars. WA embraces Donald Miller’s philosophy of “Building a Storybrand.” Miller’s work  approaches business messaging the same way a producer looks at a new script. To be successful you have to make the reader the center of the story.

In the next seven blog posts, we will share with you a review of Miller’s seven steps to building a storybrand. Join us every day from now through the end of October as we share one example of each step in the storybrand process.

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