One Day Changed Everything

It is only by the selfless sacrifice of Jesus Christ that each of us stands justified by the grace of God. On a lonely, dark afternoon over 2,000 years ago our Lord and Savior made the single greatest sacrifice mankind has ever known. On that day the Son of Man emptied himself, surrendered the glories of heaven, and through the anguish and suffering of a Roman cross saved us from our sin. In that one day He changed the world forever.

While I realize that any sacrifice we would make pales to the incomparable sacrifice of Jesus Christ; our Lord did empower us to change the world, to share the gospel, and to bring hope and promise to those who have lost hope. Every day we hear stories of families devastated by divorce and others whose future is changed because someone introduced them to a marriage program, counseling center, or personally intervened to heal a broken relationship.

On May 1st, beginning at 12 noon we have a chance, for one day, to change someone’s life forever. Through an initiative of the Community Foundation of Sarasota, every $100 gift we receive will be doubled by the Patterson Family Foundation, but your opportunity to make a significant change in the divorce rate in Florida can go even farther. For that one day, during the 24 hours between noon May 1st and 11:59 am on May 2nd our board chair will match your gift with an additional $100.

For one day only, your gift of $100 turns into $300 through this double-match program.

As a friend I am asking you to make a sacrifice that can change the world. The number of divorces in Florida have dropped to their lowest point in 30 years and by the end of the next decade we are committed to cutting that number in half, reducing the divorce rate by 40,000.

I am personally asking for your help in the next 24 hours. If you can make a sacrifice of $100 you can change someone’s world for ever:

  • Your gift can save a child from the heartache of divorce.
  • Your generosity can reduce teen pregnancy, juvenile incarceration, and poverty.
  • Your sacrifice truly can change someone’s world forever.

In the next 24 hours, before 11:59 am on Wednesday May 2nd, please allow your contribution to be tripled by giving through and identifying Live the Life as your preferred recipient.

Thank you for your encouragement, support, and continued prayers as we transform our homes, communities and churches by creating healthy marriages and family relationships.


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