10 Mistakes of Database Maintenance

Our donor database is the life-blood of our fundraising efforts. If it isn’t operating correctly, or if we can’t get the information we need, our organization is going to die a slow, painful death.  Here are the most tragic mistakes people make in using their databases.

  1. Lack of database hygiene.  Failure to update donor information consistently.
  2. Poor planning and development before putting a system in place.
  3. Inability to customize pre-packaged software.
  4. Buying software packages that will not integrate with social media or other programs.
  5. Glitches in the software that fail to let us access information.
  6. Poor training of staff on how to use the donor database.
  7. Failure to upgrade the system.
  8. Keeping too little information on the donors (failure to track age, giving history, demographics).
  9. Keeping too much information (storing a lot of information the organization will never use).
  10. Assuming that our database is not that important and that everything will work out eventually.

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