Developing Fundraising Packages

The very best fundraising packages are developed as a “family” of marketing materials that have the same look, and convey a consistent mission and message for the organization. Consistently preparing attention-getting and compelling materials is always a challenge for development directors.  Here are five steps to help improve your fundraising packages.

  1. Collect Samples:  I keep a file of all the best fundraising materials that arrive at my home or office. When I find a particularly compelling message, or a design that grabs my attention, I file it to help provide ideas and inspiration for my next campaign.
  2. Collect Testimonials:  Quotes and comments from volunteers or those who benefit from your organization’s work are great additions to fundraising letters and brochures.
  3. Collect Human Interest Stories: Remember that as a fundraiser you are a storyteller. Telling your donors that you served 300,000 people this year is not nearly as powerful as sharing a story about “little Amy” whose life was saved by emergency surgery from your medical missions team.
  4. Focus on your mission: Some groups see a great fundraising letter, or even and exciting project and lose site of their own mission.  When you chase dollars, or trends rather than focusing on your mission, people get lost in the confusion.
  5. Tell how your agency is impacting the community. Throughout the year keep an eye out for how your organization is making a difference. Let people know how you are fulfilling your mission to feed the hungry, ministering to the poor, or reach the lost in a third-world country.

I have a couple of files that are the best fundraising materials that come in my mailbox. I try to figure out why this particular picture, or story of resource impacted me.  When it is time to write a new fundraising letter or develop a new package I pull out my file and all my samples and begin the brainstorming session.

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