Add life to your next board meeting.

So you’re the one responsible for making your quarterly report at the next board meeting.  Are you tired of regularly scheduled meetings where the enthusiasm is drained from the room shortly after the opening remarks?  Bring a little life to your next board meeting.  Instead of providing a “gifts-to-date” report, try the following:

  1. Point out the impact that one or two major gifts has had on the organization.
  2. Share a fundraising issue that you are facing and invite the board to have some input.  You might even have them serve on an ad-hoc committee to address the problem.
  3. Invite a major donor to the board meeting and introduce them.
  4. Offer some interesting stories about the fundraising process or one of the gifts you have been working on.
  5. Have one or two people who have benefited from the work of the organization attend the board meeting and give a short report or testimonial.

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