Board Participation

In the workshops I conduct, egardless of the topic of discussion, we always get around to the question, “How can I get the board of directors more involved in the work of our organization?”  Here are five tips that will help you help your board.

  1. Ask for 100% participation.  Many organizations solicit 100% participation during fundraisers, but ask your board to commit to a 100% participation program.  Give them a variety of ways they can get involved and find something useful for everyone to do.
  2. Ask them for a list of contacts that you can introduce to the organization. Ask them to make the initial introduction and you will do the follow-up fundraising work.
  3. Ask them to host a small group dinner in their home.  Let them generate the guest list and you will take care of planning the dinner and program.
  4. Schedule board meetings at days and times that are convenient to board members and not the directors or staff.
  5. Say “THANK YOU” often.  One of the most important things that we is saying thank you.  We have to give people a sense that their contribution, time, energy and efforts are appreciated.

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